Itty Bitty Bum Bum” with its mesmerizing opening sets the listener forth on a techno/groove journey with rapper Young Tommy Knockout generating a prelude for Ucmee’s female authoritative counterpoint. With YouTube hits going from 110,710 page views to 113,283 the week of June 6th, to over nine thousand more – 122,894 the week of June 15th – and radio play starting to heat up, the three minute and fifty second dance/trance/hip-hop/pop hard to categorize gem has staying power; you can’t forget it after just a few seconds in.

The “booty shaker single of the 2016 summer” is just that, artist/producer J. Jewels’ dark chorus vocals like the soldier’s straight out of the wicked witch’s castle from the Wizard of Oz, one of many hooks with staying power that come at you out of left field. And there are plenty more that drift in and around throughout the three minutes and fifty seconds of “Itty Bitty Bum Bum.” It’s the first release from the upcoming J. Jewels Presents on the JEI Music Group imprint and a prelude to Jewels next tour.

JEI is the new launch from former studio owner Jewels who ran a famous recording enterprise around 2009 in the heart of Medford Square. That first music think tank was a special place where a talented group of producers/engineers/artists developed unique… read the full J. Jewels in TMR Zoo article via HERE!