I know I never comment or go into these subject matters at all, but it comes a time where something needs to be said. I send out my condolences to the friends and family members of those who have lost their loved ones from the continued brutality.

Are we being exterminated?

Without going more into it myself, I’d rather let one of my all time favorite artists tell you how it makes me feel sometimes, in his own words.

The King of pop foresaw all this coming years ago before he passed away. But, we were all led to believe that he was wacko, crazy, weird and now he is gone but, his words were left behind to listen and learn from.

Those words are continuing to shed light on things that we’re still facing today and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Listen, Enjoy, Share, no need to riot, that will create more problems, and will not solve a thing.

Trust and believe, it will get worst before it ever gets any better. All you need to remember is; God has a plan and it will be revealed soon.

In case you didn’t know and if you are tired of sharing, commenting, re-posting and really want to do something productive. All you need to do is use your voices, put all the Anger and frustration to use by contacting our elected leaders, politicians etc. and don’t just ask… DEMAND the CHANGES.
Links are below the video.

Stay blessed,
J. Jewels

Protest for Alton Sterling via -> legis.la.gov HERE!
Protest for Philando Castile via -> leg.state.mn.us HERE!
Contact your Congressman or woman via -> contactingthecongress.org HERE!