Let the rumors run wild, the hate is about to hit the fan. But this goes to show you; Kanye is not as crazy as we all think. After all, Jay-Z and Beyoncé had Obama for Eight years and now Kanye is going to have his own president.

He needed Jay and B, but they left him out to dry, but Trump offered him an ear. I know the man (Kanye), has been deemed crazy, and already discredited and so on, but what if he is not crazy and he is taking a stand and saying take that media, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. We are not on the inside and have absolutely no idea what is really going on behind the scenes except what is being reported by the media, and now everyone calling the other source fake. What I usually do is follow the truth and the sources who tell the truth. I do my own research so I don’t get misinformed and all of you reading this should do the same.

I wont get into this much further, but that’s the way I see it personally.
J. Jewels

(Daily Mail)Kanye West dramatically met President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday – and was embraced by the next leader of the free world.

West swept in for a 15-minute meeting, headed upstairs – and then Trump descended to the lobby of Trump Tower to say goodbye to West.

It is an honor he has extended to just one other visitor -Softbank Group Corporation CEO Masayoshi Son – and to none of the people he interviewed about top-level posts in his administration.

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