The world of music is something that moves the world and touches the lives of people in numerous unexplainable ways. Nothing sparks more light in the entertainment world like a combination of raw talent and resilience.

J. Jewels Directing Mighty Mystic Video

It is the ultimate mix that creates superfluous success. Every product of such talent becomes a blessing to listeners all around the globe. The best of such talents is J. Jewels.

Originally from Haiti, Jewels is a multi-talented writer, artist, producer and actor. He has been in the music business for over 17 years, operating behind the scenes.

Jewels has a strong hands-on role in the logistics of the music industry. He has helped countless artists achieve their goals to stardom and more. He owned and ran one of the most popular recording studios and businesses located in Medford, Mass. Jewels even created a YouTube reality TV series based on life running the business and more: The Studio Reality series.

J. Jewels Kids in the Studio.

Running a music business is a dream for anyone in the industry. It is difficult enough breaking into the industry, let alone owning and running a studio. J. Jewels has done just that, proving it as a possible. It’s not easy though, especially if you value your private life…

A successful business makes people happy, but that wasn’t the case for Jewels. As mighty as he is in the music business, he is also a man who highly prizes his private life. The number one and most important thing to him has always been family. He’s willing to do whatever it takes for family, to the point where it has cost him almost everything.

Several years ago (2011 to be exact), family forced Jewels to go into a deep state of depression. He didn’t want to speak with anyone. Slowly hiding from the world, he walked away from everything in business. It’s a phase that afflicts many talented artists, a time to recoup for a new stage of growth.

Behind the scenes with J. Jewels and Maino
J. Jewels in studio with Maino working on “What They Want”

Thankfully, in 2016 Jewels slowly began making his way back into the business. He is regaining the spotlight with the release of his single “Itty bitty bum bum”. The song now has over 220,000 hits on YouTube as of April 2017. Not only is he the performer of the song, but he’s also the producer/writer of it.

He recently made a guest appearance at the 2017 Beantown Bounce Competition. He outlined his new single – “What They Want” (featuring Lynda Rose and hip hop artist Maino), another masterpiece single destined for release. It is yet another tempting slice of pop / R & B prior to the release of his forthcoming album.

Jewels is putting together his J. Jewels presents tour, where you can expect to see the artist on his album. Not only will he be performing the songs off his album, but also their hits and platinum singles… source: